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Six Cylinders [entries|friends|calendar]

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[17 Dec 2020|12:10pm]
Hello, internet.

I'm a writer, of young adult science fiction (mostly). I'm also a woman, a fan, a dork, a wife.

You can find my blog here, at www.phoebenorth.com.

But sometimes you need to let all your guts out. This here is a guts journal. Entries will be locked and written in my own private language. You might understand it, but you're unlikely to grok it all. That's okay. There will be venting and ranting and other messy things. Like I said, guts.

If you can see the entries here, know that you are trusted, and likely loved. Oh, hell. I love you anyway.
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[14 Apr 2011|03:40am]
Funny thing.

I've spent the last few hours reading over old entries, and all of your (you guys; you reading this) comments.

Every crisis is smaller in retrospect, especially with friends.

Good things: the beauty of hindsight, the beauty of my husband, the beauty of my cat, knowing there are people out there who listen no matter how overwrought and melodramatic you are, tea, cherry blossoms swirling in a cloudy spring wind.

Jordan and I might move to New Paltz, New York. I hope we do. If we do, it means more time for friends, travel. Maybe then I can take Tiff and/or Claire up on renting a cabin with them, go visiting. I miss people. Friends are important. You guys are important to me.
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